the website & other things

please pardon our dust…

the website:
it’s not great. never been particularly a secret.

i don’t know how to do this and i don’t know if joe does either, it’s never come up organically in conversation.if anyone can do it better for free please let us know. you guys must, among yourselves, being a large group of diverse talents and backgrounds…surely you can crowdsource some kind of…

also: the website…
apparently we have to pay the $100 every year or wordpress cuts off our ability to disseminate fresh content…no audio uploads? that’s a bummer. for various reasons we’re in the position of, not refusing to finance further premium hosting of the podcast and related blog, but maybe not actually paying for it ourselves.

to that end…
we’re making one of those ‘patreon‘s where people (you) can give us money every month or per episode, or something. we’re playing around with how much of what we do constitutes a discrete installment. so ROI may vary wildly…

[not technically a financial investment, your investment will be financial but the return will be… ideas, which are one form of currency in a truly universal economy.]

but you’re investing in something that’s 1) local, 2) sustainable, and 3) moderately entertaining, within reason. when the patreon is approved by all parties there will be a link, it’s up to you what the hell you want to do with it.

you can always give us some money the old fashioned way, “cash, grass or bus pass”. we’re really accepting (valid) cap metro low speed/hi mass transit tokens as payment.

maybe one person will give us ten thousand dollars, which i think would be enough for us to really start cranking out shows at a clip that, i wouldn’t call it “rapid”, but perhaps satisfactory.

we have a large and rabid fan base, so we expect a big turn-out, and we’re offering free rabies shots (w/ suggested donation of $100).

also we’re playing around with what the show may be called, that’s not important, you are free to refer to it as simply “gibson & hobbes” or even more simply “the show” until such time as an official title is decreed.

the managementĀ 
[disclaimer: contents of message not formally approved by all members of mgmt]


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